Kennel Arctic Znowdancer

House breeding

It is not often we have puppies, but when we have, they are part of our daily life.

The whelping box is situated in the living room where puppies are born and raised during the first 3 weeks - only together with mum and humom.

It is important that puppies are raised in a safe and stable environment, are socialized and trained and slowly getting used to be together with the rest of the pack and other humans. 

When puppies are approx. 3 weeks old and getting their first teeth, they start getting one solid meal per day and the rest by mum. Puppies are raw fed from they are 3 weeks old.

They start getting used to all kinds of sounds and house utensils as vacuum cleaner, broom, floor mop, things dropping to the floor, music, etc. 

Depending on the weather, they will spend some time on the terrace and in the dog yard from their 4th-5th week and start to experience lots of new sounds and smells - and will soon meet new people, both children and adults.


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