Kennel Arctic Znowdancer

Free Soul Legend of the Spirit - Nuggi

Born: 17/12/2011 - dead: 10/03-2021

Colour: Grey/white

Eye colour: bi-eyed (one blue, one brown)

Height: 58 cm

Sire: Arkadius Galladria-Novitaris

Dam: Forever Loving the Future is Ours

Smooth Ride Legend of the Spirit - Smutti

Born: 21/10-2012 - dead: 26/02-2020 (epilepsia)

Colour: Brown/white

Eye colour: amber

Height: 61 cm

Eyes clear

HD/AD: A/0

Sire: PLCH LVCH LTCH Utopialand Truth N Power

Dam: PLCH Amadine Fortunatus Poland


Dina (without pedigree)

Born: 13/5-2009 

Dead: 2/5-2018 (cancer)

Colour: black/white

Eye colour: dark brown

Quatro (without pedigree)

Born: 04/04-2001

Dead: 13/3-2014

Colour: grey/white

Eye colour: amber

Moe (without pedigree)

Born: 16/2-1998

Dead: 17/5-2009

Colour: black/white

Eye colour: blue

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