Kennel Arctic Znowdancer

15th April 2021 Geffie gave birth to 4 healthy and beautiful puppies - 3 girls and 1 boy

Girl 1 ( Arctic Znowdancer's You're In My Heart) - solid brown with a small white blaze, white on the chest and 2 white front paws. She weighed 463 grams at birth - born 15/4 at 01:13 am local time

Girl 2 (Arctic Znowdancer's Maggie May) - agouti (golden, greyish, white). She weighed 374 grams at birth - born 15/4 at 02.15 am local time

Girl 3 (Arctic Znowdancer's Forever Young) - brown with white face, white chest and white paws. She weighed 459 grams at birth - born 15/4 at 02.35 am local time

Boy 1 (Arctic Znowdancer's Rhythm of My Heart) - grey / white. He weighed 461 grams at birth - born 15/4 at 09.28 am local time



The puppies are chipped, registered in the Danish Dog Register, vaccinated and health checked by our veterinarian.

They are registered in the Danish Kennel Club (DKK) and get their pedigree names before they are 5 weeks old.

The puppies leave home at the earliest when they are 8 weeks old - but we would like to keep them a little longer due to better socialization.

If the puppy has to travel abroad, it also gets an EU passport and stays with us until all vaccinations and travel documents are in order, incl. rabies vaccines.

The puppy also gets 1 year free membership with the Danish Polar Dog Club and a gift card for an optional show in the Danish Polar Dog Club, while the puppy is in baby or puppy class (3-9 months).

- that you are 100% familiar with what it means to own a Siberian Husky

- that you preferable live in a house with a fenced garden where there is room for the dog (it quickly digs up flowers and plants and digs under the fence, if there is room for it)

- that you are active with your husky (daily walks or runs, training, exhibition, sledding, etc. - a husky needs both mental and physical training and activation.

- that you will always make sure that your dog gets a good quality food (we rawfeed all our dogs and the puppies grow up with raw food from the age of 3 weeks)

- that you will always make sure that your dog is in good mental and physical condition, is healthy and cared for throughout the dog's lifetime

- that you will keep in touch with the kennel and use us as sparring partner throughout the dog's lifetime - we will be there for you.


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